i recieved this writeup and these amazing photos from an undisclosed individual
We?ve always taken a 5 gallon bucket with a screw top lid as our groover* on our rafting trips but never actually used it. All our previous trips all had lovely outhouses. All that changed when we went on the PoopPee river in Eastern Schmegalsville, a beautiful and remote float with no outhouses. With no previous experience, we made our ?deposits? directly into the bucket with little thought how we were going to deal with all this at trips end. We now know that experienced rafters line the bucket with doubled trash bags that are securely knotted before launching each morning and stowed in the bucket till set up time in the afternoon.

At the end of our trip I was the proud owner of 4 gallons of poop odoriferously enhanced by several 90+ degree days!

Many take outs have a scat machine that you strap your bucket into and automation takes care of the rest. No such luxury in the wilds of Eastern Schmegalsville. Every one of the RV dump sites on the way back to western Schmegalsville expected fittings our primitive setup lacked to flush out the considerable detritus from our 11 person, 4 day float.

Luckily it?s a long trip back home and I had plenty of time to think about possible solutions. I quickly rejected dumping the load down a toilet ? too big an EWEEU! factor offending my nose. Abandoning the whole thing in a dumpster similarly offended my sense of ecological responsibility. Nothing much came to mind so I occupied my mind through the high desert flat lands with other musings.

On thing I?m always looking for is ways to maximize ice retention on longish floats. This trip had been hot so I turned my imagination away from poop toward ways of improving ice retention ? resulting an a nearly immediate epiphany!

Yep, when I got home I popped the screw top lid on that groover, held my nose for the few seconds it took me to insert a piece of fire wood to make a handle and sealed the whole thing with a standard lid. Over night in an (otherwise empty) freezer and voila! a giant poopcicle! Or should I say fudgecicle?

Next day I made a midnight run to a near by construction site and deposited the goods in their jonnie-on-the-spot.

* Rafter talk for toilet, pooper, shitter, etc ? allegedly because of the grooves the device leaves on your backside.

Written and "Created" by:
-KingPooper "Erv"
*names and locations have been altered to protect the safety of the creator of poopsicle and shis homeland

hmm.... poopsicle like the ground!

ahh.... poopsicle is heavy but travels into the woods?@#!#

iee.....one of the best places to "contribute" to poopsicle

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